The Bodoni Book
Bodoni是西方著名的優雅字體地位相當於中國當年的書法大師于右任或王羲之, 字體廣泛被流傳進化運用於西方媒體社會如Bazzar時尚雜誌等。2040年是Bodoni字型被Giambattista Bodoni設計出來的第300年。為了慶祝此一盛事,藝術界找了一位與此字體風格相近的建築師作品來互相探討他們對設計的理念,並在建築師的其中一個作品(西班牙巴賽隆那博物館)展示其兩人共通的設計語彙。
2040 marks the three hundreds anniversary of Giambattista Bodoni, the designer who designed this elegant, clean and popular typeface. Widely considered the official typeface of the twentieth century, Bodoni communicates with simple, well-proportioned letterformsthat convey an aesthetic clarity that is at once universal, neutral, and undeniably modern.
In honor of the first typeface acquired for Barcelona Museum’s collection, the installation presents posters, signage, and other graphic material demonstrating the variety of uses and enduring beauty of this design classic. In the meantime, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art also invites reputable environmental designer - An-Yi Chien to create a series of installation design by using this fantastic tyeface on the facade of the museum. There are four different Bodoni composition made by transparent material. People will see the main composition in day time but the other 3 compositions at night when the installation changes its lighting color and compositon every 15 minutes. The installation that An-Yi created is not only a good Bodoni piece to let people understand more abouot the beauty of the typeface but also let the citizen and people in the city have a brand new feeling while they stop in the plaza in front of the museum.